About Us

Our aim is to help parents to answer even the trickiest of questions and find out the opinions of other Moms and parents quickly and easily.

We know that busy Moms have lots of questions to answer, parenting really is a language all of its own, but we also know that busy Moms don't have the time to sit researching each topic for hours, they want reliable help and answers, and they want them now. MommyPolls.com

Where It All Began

Being the extremely proud (yet often confused) parents of a 2 year old daughter, we face plenty of challenges with what seem like a million new questions every day. Not ones to be daunted by any parenting challenge we have spent hours searching for product reviews before making a purchase, we’ve trawled blogs and information sites looking for any snippet of information to answer our seemingly endless list of questions. Pretty soon we realized that all Moms need plenty of answers, and they need them quick. Who better to answer those questions than other Moms – after all, Moms know everything, and if you don’t know you can bet your last dollar that another Mom will.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about us or our site please contact us. MommyPolls.com is aimed at allowing Moms and parents to help each other quickly and easily.

Thank you and welcome to MommyPolls.com

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